Helmet – Remote Home Camera with Laser


Tryin to keep the home secure bros and broettes? This here camera called “Helmet” will help you see whats going on at the crib without actually being there. You will be able to see who’s sneaking the Bud Lights out the fridge and finally put an end to your beers disappearing. The Helmet can look all around, 360 degrees and even shoot laser beams all from the convenience of your phone. OK, maybe not laser beams per se, but this thing is equipped with a laser light to entertain all the bro dogs and bro cats while you arent physically there.

Another cool feature, among tons of features this thing has is an on-board air quality sensor. Someone lights up a smoke in the house? You know immediately by notification to your phone. The air quality sensor can detect a handful of different common air elements like carbon monoxide for example. So this does have some pretty cool safety features outside of catching a bro stealing your beer or lightin up cigs in the crib.

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