West Paw Design Zogoflex Zisc


Tryin to find a frisbee that doesnt suck bro? Right here. This West Paw Design Zogoflex “Zisc” is the ultimate frisbee for you and your bro dog. Its soft enough that it doesnt hurt the dog’s teeth or gums when he catches it. Its also firm enough that it throws like a frisbee and flies like a frisbee should. They say this disc is durable, and yeah – its REAL durable. Our bro dog, Archer plays with this frisbee daily. He catches it, folds it up, bites on it, plays tug-o-war with it and chews on it. When he is done mangling the disc, it plops back out to firsbee form and flies like it did right out of the package on day 1! Better yet, should your bro dog happen to actually wreck the disc West Paw Design – the manufacturer guarantees 100% against dog damage. You won’t find a better frisbee for your dog. Feel good knowing its BPA-and-Phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. Another great perk is that it floats.

The West Paw Design Zogoflex also works great for frisbee with bros. There are a few different colors to choose from – yellow, orange, bro blue and a badass glow in the dark white one. You’d expect for something like this that glows in the dark to not stay illuminated long enough to throw this for any length of time. We actually have 2 of these frisbees, one of them being the glow in the dark version. Usually we turn a lamp on, set the frisbee up right next to the light bulb for 5- 10 minutes and then head outside. The glowing effect lasts for some hours.

Tryin to be environmentally friendly bro? Well, after you manage to actually ruin your ZogoFlex frisbee, you send it back to the manufacturer and they recycle it back into another brand new frisbee. All made in the United States!

In the video below, bro dog Archer is playing with the yellow version. He loves it.

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