NETFLIX Roulette


Tryna decide what to watch on Netflix for your “chill and watch Neflix” night bro? This site here might be the thing you need. Simply go to the site, pick a genre, check ‘movies’, ‘shows’, or both, a rating range you are willing to watch a show from within, and a few other filters like directors, actors or just keywords and then click ‘SPIN’. And like f*cking magic, this decides for you in seconds rather than losing an hour of watch time because thats how long it usually takes for you to decide what to watch on Netflix. Maybe you are playing video games and like the Netflix background noise and could hardly care whats on. You just want something on. And you dont want the show to be ‘too good’ or something you might actually want to see so you drop the rating range down to the 1-3 range and click ‘SPIN’ – PERFECTO!

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