EZ Drinker Beer & Soda Can Holster Belt Holds 6 Beverages


Absolutely awesome! Can a bro get another beer??? Ask no more, and keep 6 on you at all times. Be the bro that other bros come to when in need, not the bro who seeks another bro to help dwindle his liquid stash. Be the center of attention more than once in social settings just by walking by proudly with your 6-pack showing.

Maybe you drink beers so fast that going back to the fridge or cool is a big hassle. Maybe you are one of those who will never venture out past that magical distance from the fridge or cooler in fear of not having a beer to suck on for a period of time. Maybe you need something to waste money on. No matter the reason, this does have a practical use and will get used by you or your bros eventually.

You know whats cooler than 2 popped collars at once? 2 6-pack can holder belts. Carry your whole 12 pack with you and journey out further than ever before!

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