The Holiday Hole


Hey bro, tryna waste some money? How about throwing some money at a big hole to make it even bigger and deeper? All you gotta do is go to this site, donate some cash dollars which adds time to the digging timer. These bros are serious as f*ck. They will keep on digging as long as people are giving them money. Maybe they will dig deep enough to find hot magma. 3 Years from now, you can look back and feel good about your money going towards a great cause for the environment and humanity. Obviously, there are not enough holes on the Earth and these guys are doing their part to help the cause. Oh, they are streaming the digging live on YouTube so you can actually see where your donated money goes – right there in the hole.

Who knows. Maybe they will find a massive treasure chest full of diamonds and gold and give back to everyone who helped make it happen. Just think of it like a gambling risk – small chance of getting something back but at least you get to watch the magic happen.

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