Genital Jousting


Bro, when you see “Genital Jousting” what do you think of? Makes us think of something completely different than what we find here. This is a game where you play as a set of cock balls and the goal is to penetrate the other players. Wait, what? Yeah bro, each player has a¬†flaccid penis and wiggly anus. Your goal is to penetrate other anuses while trying not to get penetrated. You can gather up to 8 bros to play in a game. Sounds like a “guys night in” type of thing. Gather up some bros and joust genitals.¬†Party Mode includes challenges like Double Delight, Obstacle Intercourse, and Weiner Round Up. This is a Steam game and if you arent familiar with how Steam works, create an account and add this to your favorites list. When it goes on sale, you’ll get an email and then you can get this game at a discount. It is in “Early Access” which means the developers are still working on this game but are allowing people to buy early to help cover the cost of development as well as give you an early version of an epic game to be. Did we mention dressing up? Yeah bro, you can dress your cockballs with costumes and suits. So when you are playing online with random people, everyone can know that the bro with the cockballs wearing a suit and tie is one to be reckoned with. Get in there and get those brown stars!!!

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