Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag Hammock


Tryna chill out and just lounge anywhere and everywhere you go, bro? Maybe you are tryin to float down the river in something that you can load up the bottom full of beer in. Maybe you are taking a break from frolicking through fields of beautiful flowers and its time to take a break. Maybe you dont have a bed and you need some sort of bed? An air mattress is way to conventional – not enough hipster so you go out on the hunt to find something just right.. This be it! Besides the name sounding badass, this inflatable lounge/ hammock/ air mattress/ couch/ tube thing has many uses. It was constructed using nonrip nylon material so if you are floating down the river and scrape over some rocks, theres a good chance you will keep on going while the bros in regular ass tubes end up with no tube. Large side pockets provide safe storage for all your party materials. The best part of this Chillbo Baggins inflatable thing is the way you inflate it. No pump required. No manual blowing breathes of your precious air. One side of this is wide open. You grab is and swing it through the air like you are unfolding a garbage bag and it inflates. Then you fold the open end up and clip it down – good to go. Save your breathing for smoking medicinal plants or just to breathe fresh air! Comes in 7+ different colors/designs.

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