Drunk Stoned or Stupid Party Game


This is a party game for all you bros and broettes that are looking for a little more edge than you get with Cards Against Humanity. Every round, someone picks a card and then all the bros and broettes in the group have to decide which one would be the most likely to do whatever the card says.

First, the first bro picks a card and reads it aloud. Then every other bro or broette has to pick someone else out of the group to be tagged with this card. Accusations can be based off of pretty much anything – personality traits, past stories or a bro’s particular attitude. The judge (person who picked the card) is the judge who listens to all cases as to why a bro or broette should be tagged with the chosen card and chooses the winner for the round.

After the bro or broette is chosen as the one who deserves the card, that person keeps the card.

First person to 7 cards loses.

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