Kangoo Jumps for bouncing bros


So you look at the picture and think, “Oh yeah those are cool if I want to look like a bouncing idiot and bounce all over the f*ckin place for no reason…” There is more to the story though.

As us bros get older and joints begin to ache, you find that doing high impact exercises may be a little too much. There are some people out there who do one squat and come up feeling it harshly in the knees and/or ankles. These Kangaroo Kangoo Jumps eliminate that very joint stress by up to 80% on exercises that normally wear and tear our knee joints. They even claim that these Kangaroo Jumper shoe things make a normal run “nearly impact free”. When I hear that I think oh cool, I can exercise without feeling like I’m exercising – Not the case. But these will make moving around more fun.

Sports rehabilitation? Who needs it. Just use these Kangoo Jumps like a man and recover faster than ever before!

Go to the gym? Yeah right, Ill hop around the gym with kangaroo converted feet and get back in the car and leave. Workout like a true bro.

For bros and broettes of all ages and sizes!

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