Luminoodle Portable LED Rope Lights


Tryin to see in the dark bro? Get a set of these LED rope lights. Portable LED Rope Lights. Perfect for any situation. Beer pong in the front yard with the porch light burned out, no problem. Just string these babies up around the table and you are good to go. USB-powered out of the package or actually portable with batteries.

Probably the coolest application for this Portable Led Rop Lights is for when you are working on your Mustang late in the night and you need some light right up under the hood. String these across the opened hood and BAM! Good to go! Change the oil, spark plugs or hook up your under glow with ease bro.

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But wait! Theres more. These are waterproof. Skinny dipping in the night with some hott chicks? Pull these lights out and…. problem solved.

The Luminoodle Portable LED Rope Lights produce 180 lumens for the 5ft version and 360 lumens for the 10ft version in case you are worried about how many lumens you are bringing to the party.

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