Human Regenerator


Tryin to stay healthy bro? No need, just treat your body like garbage and then find one of these totally amazingly outrageous capsules and heal up. If humans had a health bar in real life to gauge how much life they have, this thing would recharge a persons life bar up to 100%.

They claim to make only 50 of these capsules a year since 2009. The technology behind this is still pretty secret but cell vibrations seem to be the magic here. Since everything that exists is made up of atoms and atoms “vibrate” at least a little bit through their natural make up, by forcing cells to vibrate at certain frequencies, it is actually possible to reverse natural deterioration of cells that make up a human.

There are no advertised prices on these capsules whether you are interested in actually owning one or just using one to recharge so this most likely falls into the category of “if you have to ask how much it is, you probably can’t afford it….” Either way, this thing is badass.


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