FiberFix 10X Tape


Tryna fix some shit bro? Try this tape out. They claim it’s 10 times stronger than duct tape and… IT IS! You can’t rip this like duct tape, you will have to use a knife. Even the strongest bro of all the bros can’t rip this off the roll. The tape is actually woven fiber material that can mend just about anything that you can get this on to. Building a new bro pad? No need for nails or screws, just use this to secure all the 2×4’s into a frame. Next, hang your drywall up with FiberFix. Ceiling fan? FiberFix that b*tch to the ceiling. Doors? Just place some FiberFix on either side of the hinge side of the door and forget the hinges!

Flat tire on your car? FiberFix it! Bumper falling off? FiberFix it. You get the idea…

This stuff was featured on the TV show “Shark Tank”. All the sharks wanted in on it. Now, that should say something if you know what the Shark Tank is all about.

There are so many applications for this, We would be here all day writing just to cover everything. Just take our word, if its broke – and you have enough room to get this FiberFix on it, it can be fixed!


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