World’s Most Powerful Handheld Green Laser


Wicked Lasers offers “The Worlds Most Powerful Handheld Green Laser” with a minimum beam power of 520nm at 1W. OK bro, what do the numbers mean? Well it’s hard to convey beam power if you have no prior experience playing with beam lengths and frequencies and different power consumption levels and on and on… So, to bring this a little closer to something we can all understand, they say that this laser shined up in the sky, can actually be seen by astronauts in space! Assuming the majority of us bros have not been to space yet and can not comprehend the distance, its MORE than 62 miles straight up from sea level.

The laser housing is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and is virtually indestructible. Not only will you be striking birds out of the sky, you can feel pretty bad ass holding something in your hand that just can’t be destroyed. One small issue for those of us in the US, that can’t “guarantee” shipment to the States. A bro gonna have to get crafty to get a hold of one of these bad boys.

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