Quest: Click Click Click dot Click


So, if you dont already know, most every website on the internet that has someone behind it that even kind of knows what they are doing will have some sort of analytics installed. These analytics can track what and where a visitor clicks, what pages they go to, where the mouse cursor hovers, where a visitor is located geographically, your IP address to an extent, where you came from before coming to the site and much MUCH more. When these data are analyzed in graphs and charts and other sweet representations, a webmaster can optimize the site for ease of use or to get an AD right where it will annoy you most so you click it. This site here took all the importance of website analytics and made a game out of it. Like when you have a pile of peas on your dinner plate – its important to eat your greens but it is much more fun to fling shot them so they splat on the wall. – Not sure if we should call this a game or just a quick internet quest to cure your boredom for 10 minutes. Either way, the output usually is pretty accurate in telling you what you are doing with your cursor which is kind of like an intro into website analytics. Enjoy.

Click on shit.
Resize the window
Click Fast
Click slow
Scroll everywhere
After you complete part of the quest, an achievement link will appear so you can see the details of this mission.

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