Rocky Mountain Radar – No More Speeding Tickets


Driving a Dalorean and tryin to get to the flux capacitor speed to time travel, bro? Or maybe you are just tryin to get somewhere faster? Most bros drive a little fast which means they are more prone to handing over their hard earned cash dollars to the dot gov. You may have already tried a device like one of these that are now illegal due to the nature of the technology. Traditional gadgets like this transmit false signals or interrupting signals which are now illegal. These Rocky Mountain Radar devices are 50 state legal because they dont actually transmit signals. What it does is add to the signal that is being sent and received by the police cops that confuses their computing devices to the point where it cant give an accurate response – hence, no number to put on your speeding, no ticket. Yay! Should a bro manage to land a ticket even while using one of these Rocky Mountain Radars, theres a good chance that they (RMR) will pay for your ticket! If that isnt enough to make you go get one right now, rest assured – these are 100% made in the USA!

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