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Tryna ruin someone’s day bro? Maybe a boss, a neighbor, rival bros or an ex. No matter the target, has a variety of random shit you can send to bring the chipper mood out of just about anyone’s day. The selling point here is anonymity – The victim can be hit without knowing who sent the RuinDays greeting OR you can send your prank with a note. Its totally up to you.

The first example we have here is an envelope filled with glitter. Imagine ripping an envelope open and having this glitter go all over the place! You can be extra shitty by ordering the “fine” glitter. 


Next we have a “Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb”. Now maybe the person you are going after opens their mail meticulously like an old fart and the envelope just wouldnt do the trick. This trick comes in a smaller tube like something you’d expect to see a small rolled up poster in. Sealed up by a small piece of tape and ready to blow as soon as you lift that one piece of tape off the top. This is probably the best choice of them all but who knows, you may have to experiment with multiple pranks on different people before you find the golden ticket.


This one may not be so “anonymous”. For example, lets say you take one of your “bros” girl which would leave him butthurt. You can then send a butthurt care package to mend the wounds. Taking someone else’s girlfriend isnt very nice and often times the wounds are deeper than just a butthurt bro. So it would probably be best to not use this prank for that particular situation but, you get the idea…


Someone sold you some shit that didnt live up to expectations? Someone take credit for some shit that you worked hard to accomplish? This is more of a “F*ck You” type of prank. The note “Eat a bag of dicks” is automatically included!!!



Heres another glitter type of prank but on a larger scale. The box only opens by pulling the middle out which has no bottom which in theory should spread sand all over the f*ckin place. Careful with this one though, if the victim opens this carefully on a table top or desk, the sand wont do the job it was meant to do – get in everything and go everywhere you dont want it to go.



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