Bro Code

  1. a Bro never sets up on the urinal next to another bro unless he has no choice.
  2. While at the urinal, a Bro looks straight ahead without checking out another Bro’s lil guy.
  3. a Bro takes a piss standing up, always.
  4. a Bro never asks another Bro to go to the bathroom.
  5. a Bro never wears crocs.
  6. a Bro never wears socks with his sandals.
  7. a Bro never goes to watch a chick flick by himself.
  8. a Bro never wears a turtle neck.
  9. a Bro shall not go after another Bro’s ex, ever.
  10. a Bro never tries anything mischievous with another bro’s current girl.
  11. a Bro always pays for the date.
  12. if a Bro gets a dog, the dog must stand at least to the Bro’s knee height when fully grown.
  13. a true Bro never leaves a Bro behind.
  14. Bros always have their bros backs, no exceptions.
  15. Pocket protectors are NOT for Bros.
  16. a Bro does NOT wear pink.
  17. a Bro never lets a Bro drink alone. He always has a drink with his Bro.
  18. a Bro will always introduce another Bro to a hott chick by exaggerating his Bros abilities.
  19. Bros DO NOT cock block unless it is an obvious mistake that the bro would regret for life.
  20. Bros do NOT sleep in the same bed or couch together.
  21. Bros do NOT smell each other on purpose!
  22. Bros do not cry – unless forced to by Chuck Norris.
  23. a Bro is permitted to listen to chick music but, not in front of other bros.
  24. Bros are expected to comment on another bro’s haircut.
  25. Bros don’t wear skin tight pants.
  26. a Bro doesn’t borrow another Bros clothes unless he is in a pinch and the next stop is the club.
  27. Bros aren’t required to remember other bros birthdays.
  28. a Bro shall not reveal the number of women he has slept with nor reveal his bros secretive numbers.
  29. Bros dont grow mustaches.
  30. Bros shall always beef up another bros job description when introducing him to a lady.
  31. a Bro always leaves the toilet seat up for his bros.
  32. When in doubt, a bro shall turn to his bros for the answers.
  33. a Bro shall not go after a bros mom EVEN if that bros mom is considered to be of “MILF” status.
  34. a Bro shall not sleep with another bro’s ex, under any circumstances.
  35. A bro does not give his phone number to the ladies, he only takes numbers from the ladies.
  36. If a Bro should know the romantic language of French, he shall not speak it to his bros. This ability is for the ladies.
  37. When a bro at your table orders a round of drinks, it is required by all other bros to also treat his bros to a round of drinks.
  38. a Bro shall not rent chick flicks unless he is on a mission to score.
  39. a Bro does not wear his mobile in a belt clip.
  40. Bros dont hang out with other bros in the nude.
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